Main Cours

3 Healthy Main Course Recipes

1 Buffalo Chicken

 Prep Time: 0 minutes; Cook Time: 15 minutes Recommended Serving Size: 1 cup; Serves: 4


          12 ounces buffalo sauce

          3 pounds chicken breast

          1 packet ranch dressing mix


Place all of the ingredients into the instant pot.

Cover with lid and seal. Set on poultry for 15 minutes. Quick release the pressure once done

 Shred the chicken and serve. 

2 Pulled Pork

 Prep Time: 5 minutes; Cook Time: 2 hours, 12 minutes Recommended Serving Size: 1 cup; Serves: 12


          2 cups barbecue sauce, divided

          2 tbsp. vegetable oil

          4 pounds pork shoulder, boneless, halved

          ½ cup water 


Heat the oil on the sauté setting. Cook the pork one half at a time. Brown each side for three minutes. Set on a plate once browned. Once done, add ½ cup of water and half of the barbecue sauce in and mix together well. Place the pork back in the instant pot.

Place the instant pot on high for 75 minutes. Once finished, allow the pressure to release completely naturally. This should take around 20 minutes. Take out the meat and shred. Throw out any fat. Strain the juices from pot. Reserve ½ cup of the juices. 

Add the shredded pork, ½ cup cooking liquid, and the rest of the barbecue sauce to pot. Stir well to combine. Place on sauté setting until it begins to simmer. Serve with crusty bread or rolls when finished. 

3 Turkey Legs

Prep Time: 0 minutes; Cook Time: 8 hours Recommended Serving Size: 1 leg; Serves: 6


           6 turkey legs 

            6 – 12 X 16-inch foil squares

            3 tsp. poultry seasoning, divided 




Clean each of the turkey legs and dry. Season with ½ tsp poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper. Wrap each seasoned leg with foil. 

Place the legs into the instant pot. 

Set on the lowest setting for slow cooker, and cook for eight hours.

Quick pressure release once done.

 4 Sirloin Tips with Gravy

Prep Time: 10 minutes; Cook Time: 50 minutes Recommended Serving Size: 1 cup; Serves: 12


          5 pounds sirloin tip roast, cubed

          1 large, diced onion

          3 tbsp. vegetable oil, divided 

          2 cups beef broth 

          Slurry made with ½ cup flour and 1 ½ cups water


Set the instant pot to the sauté function. Add one tablespoon of oil. When hot, place meat in a single layer on the bottom. You will need to brown the meat in batches. Place on a plate when each batch is finished. When all the meat is finished, put the onion in and cook for about five minutes, or until it becomes soft. 

Put meat back into the pot with the broth. Seal the lid in place and cook for 15 minutes on high. Once finished, use quick pressure release. Whisk the flour and water together until no lumps remain. Stir into the meat and set on sauté. Let the mixture come to a boil, continuously stirring until broth has thickened. 

Taste test and adjust seasonings if needed.