Main Cours

3 Healthy Main Course Recipes – 2

1 Salmon

Prep Time: 5 minutes; Cook Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes Recommended Serving Size: 1 piece; Serves: Varies


           Sliced lemon

           1 pound salmon, skin on

           1 cup liquid of choice

           Favorite herbs and spices

           Slice onion


Slice the salmon into servings sizes. Sprinkle with you spices of choice. 

Line the instant pot with foil or parchment paper. 

Set the aromatic ingredients on the bottom of your pot. Lay the salmon on top. Add in the liquid. This needs to almost cover the salmon. 

Seal the lid into place. Set to low and cook for one hour. This will vary depending on the salmon size. Remove salmon by lifting out the foil. 

 2 Lamb Ribs

Prep Time: 5 minutes; Cook Time: 10 hours Recommended Serving Size: 2 ribs; Serves: 6


          5 cloves minced garlic 

          Dash thyme 

          1 pound lamb spare ribs

          Pepper and salt

          1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil 


Put the thyme, pepper, and salt on the ribs, and rub. Put the ribs in the instant pot. Place the other ingredients on top. 

Turn to slow cooker setting on high for two hours. 

Turn heat to low and cook for another eight hours. 

When finished, use natural pressure release. 

3 Kalua Pork

Prep Time: 5 minutes; Cook Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes Recommended Serving Size: 1 cup; Serves: 6


          1 tbsp. Hickory flavored liquid smoke 

          2 tbsp. oil 

          4 pounds pork shoulder or butt roast, halved

          ½ cup water 

          2 tbsp. salt 


Set instant pot to sauté setting. Put the oil in the pot. When hot, brown the pork. You will need to brown each half separately. Cook for three minutes on each side. Set on plate and cook the rest of the meat. 

Turn off cooker and add the water and liquid smoke to the pot. Mix well and place meat back in. Sprinkle with some salt. 

Cook on high pressure for 90 minutes. When finished, use natural pressure release. This will take about 20 minutes. When the valve is completely down, remove the lid. Take pork out of cooker and place in a large bowl. Shred the meat, getting rid of any fat. Take some juice from pot and add to meat to keep it moist. 

Serve over mashed potatoes or rice.